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For over 40 years, the Henry J. Austin Health Center has provided high quality, comprehensive primary health care services to our local community. With three locations throughout Trenton, Henry J. Austin is the area’s source for culturally-sensitive ambulatory care.

Henry J. Austin Announces Strategic Plan for 2012-2015
Henry J. Austin Health Center will improve the quality of life through superior health care outcomes for the greater Trenton community as their medical home of choice.

HJA and The Home Depot of West Windsor
Partner for Workplace Wellness

HJA partnered this week with The Home Depot of West Windsor to repaint its lunchroom and transform the space into an updated, healthy café for nurses, medical and dental technicians and general staff.  
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HJAHC sites will be operating back to normal business hours. If you need to speak with a Henry J. Austin medical provider or schedule an appointment please contact 609-278-5900.


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